My name is Tom Barbette, I’m a Post-Doc at the IP Networking Lab of Olivier Bonaventure at the UCLouvain, following a 3 years post-doc at the Networked Systems lab of Dejan Kostic at KTH, Sweden. I defended my PhD thesis in 2018 at the Université de Liège in Belgium.

My main topics of interest are high-speed networking, network function virtualization,  load-balancing, Smart NICs, operating systems and high-performance programming.

This website contains information about some posts about my research project, about some of the courses I gave,  and unrelated posts in some fields I just enjoy like electronicdomotic, unix, or networking. I also built multiple Android applications, and in my young years, many websites.

Latest research posts

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Tom Barbette

Post-Doc at INL @ UCLouvain, Belgium
Mail: t.barbette@gmail.com
Phone: +32 479 60 94 63