Post it – What to save when reinstalling a server

More a post-it for myself, what to save when formatting or doing a major upgrade of my linux servers.


– database SQL – Saving /var/lib/mysql is possible but you’ll have to change some maintenance passwords. The easiest is to export your databases with the export function of phpmyadmin or with mysqldump.
– /var/svn – If you have an SVN server
– /var/www – Websites
– /etc – Configuration. Do not re-apply everything ! Choose only some config files for example :

  • /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf – Dhcp server config file
  • /etc/php/php.ini (can change according to linux distributions) – Php configuration
  • /etc/apache/sites-enbabled – Apache websites
  • /etc/apache/apache2.conf – Apache config
  • /etc/passwd /etc/shadow /etc/group – Users, groups, and passwords. But I may be a good idea to force everyone to change passwords at the same time, and to clean…
  • And many many mores…

– /home – If you want to keep user data. You should not have to save that when re-formatting your system because /home should always be another partition than the system “/” partition.
– ~/public_html – If not saving the homes, saves your local websites…


Any other ideas?

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